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Complete Furniture Repair

In addition to reupholstering chairs and other items, we also have the skills to fix them. We'll give you the results you want quickly and affordably.

Patterned Chairs

Fixing Your Chairs Properly

If your sofa, recliner, or dining room chairs aren't sitting comfortably, let us resolve the problem. We have the skills to fix your chairs so that they function correctly. When you contact us to complete your repair, we'll travel to your location to inspect your furniture. Once we've uncovered the problem, we'll discuss it with you. We'll also give you a free estimate on your repair job. This price will include the cost of labor.

If you accept our estimate, we'll then begin working on your repair. Some of the fix-it jobs that we typically handle include:

• Sofa and Recliner Spring Repair • Cushion Refilling • Chair Arm Regluing